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Report from the Public Health Information Group meeting

Report from the PHING Special Interest Group Meeting

Report from the European Veterinary Libraries Group meeting

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United we inform(ed)… in Rome

Frederica Napolitani sums up the conference in Rome with this editorial.

United we inform (ed)

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Memoirs from EAHIL in Rome

Muharrem Yilmaz
Librarian, Medical Library at Oslo University Ullevål Hospital, Norway

Mesra Şendir
Koç University Suna Kıraç Librarym, İstanbul, Turkey

Breffni Smith
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Beaumont Hospital Libary, Dublin, Ireland

Helena Rydberg
Library & IT Services, Malmo University, Sweden

Angharad Roberts
Barts Health NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Elise Johansson
Turku University Library, Medical library,Turku, Finland

Uma Devalapalli
Patricia Bowen Library & Knowledge Service
West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust,United Kingdom

Inga Batare
Rīga Stradiņš University Library, Latvia

Melissa Bándi
Szent István University Veterinary Science Library, Archives and Museum, Budapest, Hungary


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Award for Best Oral Presentation by a First Timer

Work to develop a rare disease guideline search protocol was presented in order to raise awareness of RARE-Bestpractices, and to demonstrate the engagement of information professionals in multidisciplinary research projects.

Hunting zebra: retrieving rare disease guidelines

Authors: Jan Manson, Michele Hilton Boon, Karen Ritchie
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland

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Award for the Best Oral Presentation

KnowledgeShare, a web-based application, was produced to manage core services (evidence searching, teaching, current awareness), to increase access to evidence, and to aid collaborative working.

The system enables library and knowledge service (LKS) staff to collaborate on and deliver personalised, targeted updates to members about healthcare topics in their field. Through KnowledgeShare, members can connect with one another based on shared professional interests. KnowledgeShare has been implemented at Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge
Service and extended to other LKS teams in the South East of England.

The system has enabled the creation of an extended network of LKS teams who can standardise quality, spread the workload of current awareness provision and share evidence reviews.

KnowledgeShare: A web-based tool to connect people with evidence
and to connect people with people

Author: Ben Skinner
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust,
Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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Best Poster from a First Timer

The study reviewed the options available for preserving publications written by the teaching and research staff of the faculty taking into account copyright as well. It compared article citations, and were surprised to learn that the articles receiving most citations were the ones self-archived, i.e. published in repositories, social networks, and author websites.

The study also analysed students’ theses from the open access point of view, i.e. based on students’ copyright declarations. It is surprising that a generation brought up in a world of mobiles, tablets, laptops, and the internet does not take the decision concerning their own theses and their online accessibility seriously.

Veterinary Science and Open Access

Authors: Bea Winkler, Melissa Bándi
Veterinary Science Library, Budapest, Hungary

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Next issue of JEAHIL

Would you like to sum up your thoughts and experience from this summer´s EAHIL conference in beautiful Rome?

Next issue is all about what went on in Rome.

We would love to have an article from you!

Manuscripts should be submitted by the corresponding author electronically to the Chief Editor, Sally Wood-Lamont, accompanied by a presentation letter.

Articles presented for publication on JEAHIL must be original and will be submitted to qualified referees before publication. Authors of submitted papers must accept editing and reuse of published material by EAHIL including electronic publishing on the EAHIL website ( Reproduction of articles or part of them should be previously authorised.  

Next issue´s deadline is the 5th of Augusti 2014.

Next issue´s deadline is the 5th of August 2014.

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