What is the EAHIL Toolbar ?

The Beta version of the new EAHIL Toolbar is now available at http://eahil.ourtoolbar.com. I don’t know where exactly I was when I thought about creating a EAHIL Toolbar, but it must have been somewhere in Krakow, while thinking about other EAHIL members and their hospitals, libraries and organizations, realizing we form a great community to use some community tools such as Toolbars or maybe even a social network tool like Ning or Facebook. It could even have been in bed, not being able to sleep after the great fireworks and the grand dinner at Folwark. So, first, a toolbar right in your browser, so you have EAHIL always next to you.

Fig. 1

Do you want to feel closer to EAHIL members and be able to make contact between EAHIL members easier? You now can access the EAHIL site with one click or go to the Membership login page directly.

Or do you want to start a CHAT session with other EAHIL TOOLBAR-users from within your browser, no installation of chat-software involved?

You could start searching right away in: Medical Libraries Blogs, Cochrane Reviews, Google Scholar, Medical Dictionary (Merriam Webster), MerckManual, OAISTER, PUBMED, SUMSearch, Trip databases, Scirus, Wikipedia & Worldcat. (Fig. 2) Type your search term and choose your preferred search engine/database and go! You don’t even need to type in a word, just mark a phrase in the website you’re watching and this phrase is automatically transferred to the search box of the toolbar.

Fig. 2

You can keep up with what is going on in Medical Librarianship via the News feeds. Hundreds of resources are scanned on a daily basis and offered to you in one simple overview. (Fig. 3) You can scan what the medical librarians are blogging about and of course the European Medical Librarians Blog is included. You can actually see the news scrolling over your screen, being updated every hour.

Fig. 3

The Toolbar contains all the links to content of the EAHIL official website and in one clear overview, including previous & future conference links, as well as access to the JEAHIL & Newsletter. (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4

As a bonus you can listen to Medical Podcasts of JAMA, NEJM and INfoPOEMS via this toolbar.

Many things are possible and this is only a start. Is it a good start? Let me know. We will adjust the Toolbar to the wishes of the community of EAHIL members and hope to be discussing the functionality of the Toolbar in our future meetings. An extended manual will be available soon, but here are some useful details.

Installation of the EAHIL Toolbar is possible for Internet Explorer and FireFox. Librarians should choose FireFox because of the wonderful options it offers to create library presence in the browser. Uninstallation is possible via Control Panel Add/Remove. The toolbar is save, without a doubt. Don’t let IT folks tell you otherwise. It can however use some of your Internet connection while refreshing the feeds and the News ticker. Make it (in)visible in your browser by View; Toolbars, (de)select. Use Toolbar Options (next to the EAHIL-logo) to adjust the components and settings that YOU want to use or to shrink/unshrink the toolbar. Have a look at http://Librarytoolbar.blogspot.com to see some extra info about how to do things with Toolbars including the Workshop “How To Make a Library toolbar”. Any questions and/or remarks about the EAHIL toolbar can be directed to the author:

Guus van den Brekel, Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), The Netherlands.

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