JEAHIL 8 (4): EAHIL Letter from the President

Peter Morgan:

Dear Colleagues,

As I write the 2012 elections for EAHIL Councillors are in progress. These are part of the continual process of selfrenewal that helps to ensure new voices and new ideas are involved in guiding future EAHIL policy-making. Our profession is under increasing pressure from a variety of sources: economic constraints have become a way of life for all of us; our users, encouraged by the realisation that technology has opened up new more mobile and more sophisticated ways of obtaining information, have different expectations of how we should develop our services to meet their needs; and we in turn need to acquire new skills – and maybe to dispense with some of the older, more traditional but now less relevant librarian skills – in order to respond to those expectations. It is thus more important than ever that as many members as possible can contribute practical assistance, either through direct participation or via representatives on the Board and Council, to share in determining future EAHIL policy.


Read the complete letter at the EAHIL website.

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