JEAHIL 9 (1): Editorial

Sally Wood-Lamont:

Hello Everyone,

Exciting developments have been taking place on the EAHIL Board. Marshall Dozier is our new President and I, on behalf of the EAHIL Editorial Board, would like to wish her well and offer her our sincere congratulations. In fact, Marshall is working at my former workplace – Edinburgh University Library – which I left in 1994 to take up residence in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She has been an excellent Honorary Secretary for the EAHIL Board and I would like to think I have had a hand in all of this as it was me who recommended her to Suzanne Bakker to help with the English language for the Board minutes a few years ago! A new EAHIL Treasurer has been elected, Ghislaine Declève (Belgium) as well as a new Honorary Secretary, Karen Johanne Buset (Norway).


Read the complete editorial at the EAHIL website.

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