JEAHIL 9 (1): Letter from the President

Marshall Dozier:

Dear Colleagues,

As you’ll now know from the announcement recently made by email to all members and published in this issue of the Journal, before the February 2013 Board meeting, none of us was expecting that I would be the one writing the first President’s letter of the year. I will miss Lotta very much, especially as she has been an inspiration to me – and I look forward to when she will be able to join in EAHIL activities again. I feel a little bit like Bilbo Baggins (if you will excuse the allusion to The Hobbit, which is on my mind since I recently saw the film) in that taking up the role of President is an unexpected journey. But the analogy doesn’t go much further: I don’t anticipate orcs or trolls! I am honoured that the Board has such confidence in me, and also to have the opportunity to serve EAHIL in return for how much I have benefitted from being a member. I am very happy that there is an excellent team of colleagues to work with – in the Board especially, but certainly also in the Council and general EAHIL membership.


Read the complete letter at the EAHIL website.

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