JEAHIL 9 (2): Editorial

Sally Wood-Lamont:

Hello Everyone,

We have four interesting articles in this theme issue: International cooperation in information literacy dissemination :training of the trainers by H. Laitinen, T. Ovaska, J. Saarti; Experiences of developing an educational course for librarians in international cooperation. MedLibTrain: a joint Polish-Norwegian project by Irene Hunskår et al; Keeping up to date with information retrieval research: Summarized Research in Information Retrieval (SuRe Info) by S. S. Ormstad and finally The Human Resource Development Project – a collaboration between the Finnish and Namibian University Libraries by T. Heino. Interestingly all are from Northern Europe; two are from Finland and two are from Norway, one being a joint project between Poland and Norway. I would like to thank all authors for making the effort to tell us about their international cooperating and networking projects.


Read the complete Editorial at the EAHIL website.

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