JEAHIL 9 (2): Letter from the President

Marshall Dozier:

Dear Colleagues,

At the time of writing, I’m thinking about the EAHIL 2013 Workshop in June, and looking forward to the creativity, ideas and activities that will develop during the week. I hope they will continue to flourish afterward too, though I recognise that it can be easy to slip into the day-to-day exigencies of our workplaces and not give time or attention to strategic thinking or reflecting on our practices. The workshops and conferences are really special, protected, times for thinking in these ways, but how can we give ourselves the opportunity to reflect for the rest of the year? And what about those of us who are unable to attend the workshops and conferences? I’d love to hear your ideas in response to this dilemma. I have one suggestion that I’ll describe here: participating in a journal club. Many of you will already be familiar with Journal Clubs since they fairly common among health practitioners, and increasingly common among health librarians/information specialists – but just in case you aren’t familiar with the idea, here’s a short description. A group of colleagues meet periodically to discuss an article that has been selected in advance by a member of the group, and circulated so that everyone has a chance to read it before a meeting. When the group meets, they typically will critically engage with the aims, methods and findings of the study reported in the article, and discuss the issues presented in relation to their own areas of practice. There is an introductory page on Health Lib Wiki which outlines some journal club practices in more detail, and with helpful references to further readings (1).


Read the complete letter at the EAHIL website.

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