JEAHIL 9 (4): Editorial

Sally Wood-Lamont:

Hello Everyone,

I would like to thank first of all the members of the Journal of EAHIL Editorial Board and list all of them below as a tribute to their success in attracting some excellent articles this year. Also I would like to acknowledge the help of those who were at the Stockholm Workshop who worked hard to produce a really valuable memento of that innovative event in the September issue. […]

There is more information regarding the 14th EAHIL Conference which will take place in the wonderful city of Rome from the 11-13 June. Six scholarships of 500 euros maximum, partly sponsored by the generous support of EBSCO, will be awarded by the EAHIL Executive Board only on the submission of applications. Deadline date is the 7 January 2014. There will be one more scholarship awarded for the 14th EAHIL conference by the JEAHIL Editorial Board for the best article submitted in 2012. This will be announced in the March 2014 issue.


Read the complete Editorial at the EAHIL website.

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