JEAHIL 9 (4): Letter from the President

Marshall Dozier:

Dear Colleagues,

Autumn greetings to you all! I wanted to start by highlighting future EAHIL conferences and workshops: The 2014 conference will be in Rome, as I’m sure you already know; the 2015 workshop will be in Edinburgh. But events from 2016 onward are still to be fixed. The Board will next meet in February 2014, and we would be very pleased to consider notes of interest and proposals for hosting future conferences. Please send notes of interest or proposals to the secretariat email address […]  by the end of January 2014. Please also feel free to contact any Board member to discuss your ideas informally.

I was happy to see the theme of outreach for this issue of the Journal since outreach is a key element of my role as a liaison/subject librarian – I’m looking forward to reading the articles to learn how I might adopt or adapt others’ approaches. In the academic context of the university I work in, I find it easiest to create good contacts with teaching staff and students as well as postgraduate and clinicians who are conducting systematic reviews. I have found it less easy to create or maintain good communication flows with our other researchers; I suspect that is partly linked to time pressures on researchers and I admit some hesitancy on my own part since I am not an expert in the detail of much medical research.


Read the complete letter at the EAHIL website.

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