Using the internet: easier said than done

Mauro Mazzocut, Laura Ciolfi, Emanuela Ferrarin and Ivana Truccoloi at Scientific and Patients Library – CRO Aviano IRCCS, National Cancer Institute, Aviano, Italy wrote this article on using the internet. Is it as easy as we think?

Since 1993, the CRO library has organized training courses on the use of information resources for the institute staff. However, recently the need to revise the proposals for meeting the educational needs of the scientific and clinical staff has arisen.

A practical approach was adopted: planning short weekly lessons focused on practical learning of a single instrument at a time. The course structure included a minimum number of lessons whose attendance was compulsory to be chosen on the basis of individual professional interests of learners. With this approach, all instruments were compared and contextualized within a precise wider documentary search methodology. From the evaluation forms and “narrative” feedback, it has emerged that both courses were perceived as “relevant” for increasing attendants’ professional skills and had a positive impact on their professional practice.

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Using the internet: easier said than done.


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