Award for the Best Oral Presentation

KnowledgeShare, a web-based application, was produced to manage core services (evidence searching, teaching, current awareness), to increase access to evidence, and to aid collaborative working.

The system enables library and knowledge service (LKS) staff to collaborate on and deliver personalised, targeted updates to members about healthcare topics in their field. Through KnowledgeShare, members can connect with one another based on shared professional interests. KnowledgeShare has been implemented at Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge
Service and extended to other LKS teams in the South East of England.

The system has enabled the creation of an extended network of LKS teams who can standardise quality, spread the workload of current awareness provision and share evidence reviews.

KnowledgeShare: A web-based tool to connect people with evidence
and to connect people with people

Author: Ben Skinner
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust,
Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom


About Petra

Library director at the Medical Library, Danderyd University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
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